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Home Sweet Alpha Phi

We moved into our house at 9 Einhorn Road April 2nd, 2012. After purchasing the house the local house corporation, we engaged a local interior designer to modify this residential home. The first floor of the home is handicap accessible. We love our house and it is a great place to hang out with sisters!

Iota Omicron History

The Iota Omicron Chapter of Alpha Phi was founded on April 2, 2011. Worcester Polytechnic Institute welcomed us with open arms and open hearts. We have received numerous awards from the WPI Greek Alumni Council, including Chapter of the Year 2014 and Sorority of the Year 2015. Members of our Chapter received the Living the Ritual Award, Sorority Woman of the Year, and Chapter President of the Year. We have been honored with the Living the Ritual Award and Outstanding Educational Programming for the past three years. From Alpha Phi International we have been Order of the Lamp Qualifiers for the last three years.

The Iota Omicron Chapter of Alpha Phi has been a strong chapter since it was founded and continues to flourish and grow today. We are excited to see what the future has in store for us!

International History

Founded in 1872 at Syracuse University, Alpha Phi is known as a women's fraternity because the word "sorority" had not been coined at the time.


We exist today because of the vision and ideals that our ten founders, pioneers of the coeducational system, held true to their hearts. At a time when society looked upon women only as daughters, wives, and mothers, our ten founders sought support from each other. Alpha Phi was their answer.

The Fraternity Crest is the Alpha Phi coat-of-arms. The shield is Bordeaux with a scroll and ivy leaf above it. Inscribed on the scroll is the public motto, "Union Hand in Hand". A bar of silver crosses the shield from left to right; the upper half of the shield contains a Roman lamp in silver and the lower half, Ursa Major.


Our colors are silver and bordeaux.


Our six core values are Sisterhood that lasts a lifetime, the common bond of Scholarship, Service hand to hand and heart to heart, pioneering Leadership, the bond of Loyalty, and high expectations for Character Development. These values unite us with every other Alpha Phi chapter in the United States and Canada and with each other.


Our international philanthropy is the Alpha Phi Foundation for women's heart health. Each Alpha Phi sister is hands-on CPR certified and we host many events to raise money for the foundation.

The flowers of Alpha Phi are the fragrant lily of the valley and the blue and gold forget-me-not. 

The symbol of Alpha Phi is the ivy leaf, hearty and strong.


The Fraternity constellation is Ursa Major, the Great Bear, and is also known as The Big Dipper." This symbol can be seen on the Alpha Phi crest.


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