Primary Recruitment - Dates TBD


Be yourself! The goal of going through recruitment is to find where you fit best, to find your new home. Being authentic will help you make connections with the sisters and help you realize where you're meant to be.

Talk to your Rho Gammas. They are there to help you! They can answer any questions you have about the recruitment process and they want to make you feel as comfortable as possible. They are your best friends throughout the entire recruitment process!



Welcome to Worcester Polytechnic Institute! Despite being a small university we are blessed with countless opportunities that are absolutely amazing. Whether in the classroom, on the field, or table sitting in the campus center, there are so many unique organizations on campus providing everyone with the chance to find their home, and I was lucky enough to find mine in Alpha Phi.


Formal Recruitment can definitely seem like a very stressful and overwhelming time but the WPI Panhellenic Council does an amazing job of ensuring that every woman can have the most rewarding experience possible. This week-long process at the beginning of B term gives women considering Greek Life the opportunity to learn more about the chapters on our campus and meet the women behind the letters. Every chapter is unique, and together we make up an amazing and empowering group of women. Recruitment season is such an amazing time on campus filled with good vibes, inspiring organizations, and incredible opportunity.


Beginning my college career I had no intentions of joining a sorority. After watching my close friends go through recruitment and join sororities, my mind was completely changed. There was so much more to Greek Life that I never could have imagined. Since joining, Alpha Phi has been such an important part of my life. It has provided me with a support system, motivation, friendship, and most importantly, a better version of myself. I am sure I am not alone when I say that joining the Panhellenic Community here at WPI has been such a rewarding experience.


I encourage you all to take a chance! Break out of your comfort zone and do something you thought you’d never do. Learn more about Greek Life and how it can enhance your college career and push you to fill your potential. From all of us here at Alpha Phi, GOOD LUCK, and we look forward to meeting you!!



Michelle Barboza

Vice President of Membership Recruitment


From the VP of Membership Recruitment:




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