How Alpha Phi promotes innovation

Innovation is one of our high ideals in Alpha Phi. We are dedicated to ensuring the academic success of each and every one of our sisters. Through the combined efforts of our sisters and our Director of Scholarship, we assist sisters in creating scholarship plans, de-stressing, and succeeding to the best of their ability. 


In Alpha Phi we love to emphasize academic excellence within our chapter. One method of motivation is called smarty panties, where the 2 sisters with the most improved GPA's and 2 sisters who attended the most scholarship events receive $20 Victorias Secret gift cards! We also give special recognition to all of our sisters who earn 4.0 GPA's every term!

Destress Events

We all know the finals can be stressful, so at the end of every term our Director of Scholarship hosts a destress event. This past A term she hosted an Ice Cream Social at our house. We all sat around and ate ice cream together and it was a perfect way to forget about the stress of finals for a little while. 


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